Almost every machine around us is the result of engineering. All technological developments around us go in the credit of engineers. What is it ? Engineering is the creative application of the scientific theories to design machines and various processes on to determine their behavior under some defined operating […]


Cell Fractionation and Centrifugation

The techniques like cell fractionation and ultra centrifugation procedures pursuit the large-scale isolation and collection of sub cellular structures from millions of cells at a time. Cell Fractionation: Involves mechanical [1] rupturing of the cells & collecting the contents as a homogenate in protective solution sucrose and other sugar solution are generally […]

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A material which offers no resistance to the flow of electricity, when cooled below a certain temperature, called critical temperature (TC) is called a superconductor. Critical temperature is the characteristic of a particular material at which it attains the superconductivity. Characteristics Properties (i) In natural metallic conductors, energy of electrons […]


Biopolar Junction Transistor

Bipolar Junction Transistor is a two junction, Bi-Polar, 3-Terminal (Emitter, Base and Collector) device. It is the backbone of every electronic circuit. It is the backbone of every electronic circuit. It is made up of Either germanium (atomic No 32) or Silicon (atomic no.14) The term bipolar reflects.The fact that both […]

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Role of CASE tools in system development

Computer Aided Software Engineering i.e. CASE is the methodical application of a set of tools and techniques to a candidate system to meet the goal of achieving a superior product in terms of quality, validity, testability and maintainability with the optimum utilization of cost time and other relevant resources. The era […]

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Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess engineering is the application of principles of process technology to biological system. Bioprocess engineering is deals with the conversion of biological material in to the other forms of things which are beneficial for main kind. Generally this process is coated as Bring the engineering in life. Bioprocess engineering is […]

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