Almost every machine around us is the result of engineering. All technological developments around us go in the credit of engineers.

What is it ?
Engineering is the creative application of the scientific theories to design machines and various processes on to determine their behavior under some defined operating conditions all of which are intended for safety of all life & property.

The scope of engineering is very wide. These studies cover all the developmental activities, whether it is agricultural development on Industrial automation on space technology

The major branches of engineering are:

1- Automation, Instrumental & control
2- Electrical Engg. & power systems
3- Communication mythology & information technology
4- Embedded Technology, Micro engineering & of to electronics.
5- Information processing, signal processing & soft computing.
6- Mechatronics, micro manufacturing
7- Computer science & Engg.

Communication: In a normal sense, communication can be considered as The activity of conveying information.

Now, this information that has to be conveyed can be interpreted as a message. This message may or may not contain voice. Further, if it is message then it is sure that it would have been originated on sent form a SENDER to a RECEIVER. So, sender, message, and receive are considered as the elements of communication.

One more element that can be taken into consideration is the medium, or in technical sense, CHANNEL through which message travels the simplest being air. Now, talking about the type of message, being restricted to technical sense, it can be either analog or digital which gives rise to the two fields of communication that is analog communication and digital communication.

Analog Communication is a technique for transmitting data in a format that uses continuous signals to transfer data including, audio, image, video, etc. incorporating the use of analog circuits. Whereas, on the other hand, digital communication is a data transmission technique in which discrete on continuous data is in coded in the form of symbols, all together, known as information & then this information is send and /or received with the half of digital communication systems. Both analog & digital comm. Techniques has their own beneficial areas. They both are vast fields of study. This is just an introduction to what communication is all about in a general sense.

Author –Anurag parashar