Year Notice Issued by Date & Time Particulars
2021 Director 31-08-2021 Teacher’s Day Celebration 2021 
Director 17-08-2021 Notice for commencement of classes through offline mode
Principal 14-08-2021 75th Independence Day Celebration 2021
Principal 04-08-2021 B.VOC Fashion Design / B.VOC Mass Communication Sem III Final Examination Time Table 2021
Principal 28-07-2021 MBA IV Sem – Second Internal Exam Time Table
Principal 28-07-2021 MBA II Sem – Second Internal Exam Time Table
Principal 28-07-2021 Notice regarding MCA Second Internal Exam
Principal 28-07-2021 Notice regarding MBA Second Internal Exam
Principal 27-07-2021 Departmental guidelines for NAAC
Principal 27-07-2021 Circular for list of subject-wise software used in department
Principal 15-07-2021 Notice for re-admission & commencement of classes for 2nd & 3rd year
Principal 06-04-2021 Japanese Studies Summer Program 2021
Principal 03-04-2021 Office Order Regarding Covid-19 Gudelines
Principal 24-03-2021 Notice Regarding Pre-University Examinations For UG & PG Courses
Principal 24-03-2021 Notice regarding MBA & MCA IV Sem Classes
Principal 06-03-2021 Notice Regarding Women’s Day Celebration
Principal 25-02-2021 Notice Regarding Student Council (Academic Session 2020-21)
Principal 25-02-2021 Notice regarding Anandam Program for UG & PG First Year Students
Principal 20-02-2021 Notice regarding MCA I Sem First Internal Exam
Principal 20-02-2021 Notice regarding Seminar on Digital Marketing and Web Development
Principal 17-02-2021 Notice Regarding Opportunities For Higher Education In Japan
Principal 16-02-2021 Notice Regarding Fresher’s Party Preponed
Principal 16-02-2021 Notice Regarding Udaan Exhibition
Principal 15-02-2021 Notice Regarding Fresher’s Party
2020 Principal 1-Dec-2020 Notice For Internal Exam
Principal 19-Nov-2020 Notice for filling of Application Google Form under National Service Scheme (NSS)
Principal 10-Nov-2020 Notice Regarding Diwali Celebration
Principal 19-Oct-2020 B.Sc. Part I ( Bio/Maths/ Biotech) Time Table for Session 2020-2021
Principal 06-Oct-2020 Online Class Time Table UG First Year.
Director(Acad.) 30-Sep-2020 Results Kalpana Chawla Scholarship award 2020.
Principal 30-Sep-2020 Regarding First Mid term examination.
Principal 08-Sep-2020 Student Orientation and Development Online Program “OORJA-2020”
Principal 04-Sep-2020 Notice Regarding UG & PG University Final Exams
Principal 03-Sep-2020 Last Date of University Examination Fee (B.VOC , Fashion Designing & Mass Communication)
Principal 03-Sep-2020 Notice Regarding B.VOC , Fashion Designing & Mass Communication Re-admission Form
Director(Acad.) 01-Aug-2020 Regarding Online Classes of BGC and BISMA students.
Director(Acad.) 03-July-2020 Regarding Online Classes of UG & PG Courses
Exam Controller 12-April-2020 Notice regarding University Exam Postponement till further notice.
Exam Controller 30-Mar-2020 Notice regarding University Exam Postponement till 14 April.
Director(Acad.) 19-Mar-2020 Notice regarding University Exam Postponed.
Director(Acad.) 6-Mar-2020 Notice regarding Women’s Day Celebration.
Director(Acad.) 3-Mar-2020 Notice regarding health awareness seminar.
Principal 10-Feb-2020 Notice regarding submission of work- BVA.
HR Manager 31-Jan-2020 Notice for Employees.
Director(Acad.) 27-Jan-2020 Notice regarding Intra college sports tournament.
Director(Acad.) 13-Jan-2020 Notice regarding Picnic.
Principal 11-Jan-2020 Notice regarding Makar Sankranti Holiday.
Controller of Examination 08-Jan-2020 Notice regarding Pre-University Exam Jan-2020.
Controller of Examination 08-Jan-2020 Notice regarding Pre-University Exam Jan-2020 Guidelines for Exam Invigilators.
2019 Principal 26-Dec-2019 Notice regarding Winter Break.
Director Academics 23-Dec-2019 Notice regarding Santa Run .
Principal 21-Dec-2019 Notice regarding Pre University exams.
Principal 25-Sep-2019 Notice regarding Internal exams.
Director 08-Sep-2019 Itenary of workshop on Read Fast Learn More on 13-09-2019
Director 08-Sep-2019 Notice regarding workshop by Prof. Rajesh Tayal on Read Fast Learn More on 13-09-2019
Director 27-Aug-2019 Notice for Students regarding Rajasthan University Intercollege Tournaments Trial.
Director 26-Aug-2019 Notice regarding Blood Donation Camp in Biyani College.
Director 23-Aug-2019 Notice for Students regarding College Time change.
Principal 10-Aug-2019 Notice for Students regarding Eid-Ul-Adha Holiday.
Acad. Director 07-Aug-2019 Notice Regarding German Language classes.
Acad. Director 22-Jun-2019 Applications Invited for Kalpana Chawla Memorial Awards 2019. Apply Now.
Acad. Director 12-Jun-2019 New session start announcement for students of II year & III year.
Acad. Director 30-May-2019 Education Loan under Laxmi Yojna.
Acad. Director 31-Jan-2019 Summer Internship Program 2019 at SAITAMA University japan.
Acad. Director 02-Jan-2019 Brochure of Faculty induction and refresher program 2019.
2018 Acad. Director 24-Dec-2018 Notice for students Regarding Microsoft office specialist World Championship.
Acad. Director 13-Dec-2018 Regarding Inter University Women’s Basketball Training.
Principal 11-Dec-2018 Regarding Internal Exams – Arts Department.
Principal 05-Dec-2018 Regarding holiday on 7 December.
Acad. Director 20-Nov-2018 Regarding Basketball tournament for Biyani Girls College students.
Acad. Director 20-Nov-2018 Regarding Basketball tournament for Biyani Girls College students.
Acad. Director 19-Nov-2018 Notice for Information seminar on opportunities in aviation.
Principal 15-Nov-2018 Notice for flower exhibition.
Principal 15-Nov-2018 Instructions for Teaching staff Regarding BICON 2018.
Chief Warden 15-Nov-2018 Regarding driving classes for students.
Principal 14-Nov-2018 Regarding Road safety seminar.
Director Acad. 11-Oct-2018 Regarding Student’s Council.
Registrar 01-Oct-2018 Office Order for Mercy Chance to MCA 2012 & MBA 2014 admitted batches.
Director Acad. 23-July-2018 LLB I and III Year Viva Notice.
Director Acad. 23-July-2018 LLB II Year Viva Notice.
Director Acad. 16-June-2018 Chanakya Faculty Development Programme 2018.
Director Acad. 1-June-2018 Download Admission Form 2018-19.
Director Acad. 11-May-2018 Reference Link for Approved sending organizations under Indo-Japan Technical Internship Program (TITP). Click Here to visit official website of Technical Intern Training Organization of Japan.
Director Acad. 30-Mar-2018 Notice regarding Indo-Japan Internship Program.
Principal 9-Feb-2018 Notice regarding college picnic.
2017 Principal 22-Dec-2017 Notice for Students regarding Women Santa Run.
Principal 22-Dec-2017 Notice for Staff members regarding Women Santa Run.
Principal 13-Dec-2017 Regarding Parents teacher meeting on 17 Dec.
Director Acad. 12-Dec-2017 Regarding Placement drive for MCA, BCA students on 13 Dec.
Principal 28-Nov-2017 Regarding 1 week Japanese language course.
Administrator 24-Nov-2017 Regarding Passport Drive.
Principal 22-Nov-2017 Regarding Biyani Youth Fest- Spectrum 2017.
Principal 10-Nov-2017 Regarding upcoming important events of college.
Principal 9-Nov-2017 Regarding internship and placement drive for students on 10-Nov-2017.
Principal 8-Nov-2017 Regarding Research project proposal program.
Exam Controller  2-Nov-2017 Regarding University Exam mandatory rules.
Director Acad.  25-Oct-2017 Regarding MCA student’s industrial visit on 26-Oct-2017.
Director Acad.  25-Oct-2017 Regarding BCA student’s industrial visit on 26-Oct-2017.
Principal  05-Oct-2017 Regarding Diwali Holidays for Staff members.
Principal  05-Oct-2017 Regarding Diwali Holidays for Students.
Principal  23-Sept-2017 Regarding Dandiya Program on 07-Oct-2017.
Principal  23-Sept-2017 Regarding Tarang Music Concert on 28-Sept-2017.
Chairman  16-Sept-2017 Regarding Guest lecture by Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya from BHU on 19-Sept-2017.
Principal  14-Sept-2017 Regarding 10 Days Japan visit under “Sakura Science Program”.
Director Academics  7-Sept-2017 Regarding MCA 2011 & MBA 2013 Mercy Back Exam Form fill.
Registrar  11-Sept-2017 Regarding The counselor Show for students.
Director Academics  26-Aug-2017 Regarding The counselor Show for students.
HR Manager  26-Aug-2017 Regarding professional counseling services for students.
Director Academics  24-Aug-2017 Regarding Mandatory AADHAR Card to fill University exam form.
Director Academics  23-Aug-2017 Research Paper writing Workshop.
Exam Controller  18-July-2017 Important regarding Supplementary examination.
HOD  23-June-2017 Law Students practical Viva is on 5 July 2017 at 9:00 AM and you have to come college on 30 June at 11:00 AM for Moot Court diary.
HOD  25-May-2017 Latest Revised Time table for B.Com III Examination.
Director Acad.  24-April-2017 Notice regarding Online payment/PayTm Training.
Principal BGC  11-April-2017 Notice regarding Seminar on abandoning Plastic Bags.
HR Manager  29-March-2017 Notice for College Staff
HR Manager  29-March-2017 Notice for College Staff
Principal BGC  1-March-2017 Notice for College Staff
Administrator BGC  21-Feb-2017 Notice for College Staff
Administrator BGC  21-Feb-2017 Notice for Students regarding holiday on 23-24 Feb 2017
Principal BGC  30-Jan-2017 Regarding Students Picnic
Principal BGC  30-Jan-2017  Intercollege Tournament
Principal BGC  23-Jan-2017  Revised Time Table Pre-University Exam 2017
Principal BGC  16-Jan-2017  Time Table Pre-University Exam 2017
Examination Controller  12-Jan-2017  Regarding Pre-University Exam 2017
Director Academics  9-Jan-2017  Upcoming Events of Jan-Feb 2017
Traning & Placement Head  5-Jan-2017  Regarding national Employability Test for Students
Administrator  4-Jan-2017  Regarding College timing for Students
2016 Training & Placement Department  24-Dec-2016 Edelweiss campus placement notice
Training & Placement Department 24-Dec-2016 Fortis Escorts Hospital Placement Notice
Training & Placement Department  24-Dec-2016  Jaro Education Campus Placement Notice
Training & Placement Department  9-Aug-2016  TCS Campus Placement Notice
Training & Placement Department  25-Nov-2016  Tech Mahindra Campus Placement Notice
Training & Placement Department  4-Jan-2017  Campus Placemenmt notice of Teleperformance (French MNC)
Training & Placement Department  24-Dec-2016  Internship Opportunity for Students at TripAdvisor
Training & Placement Department  24-Dec-2016  UBER Brand Ambassador Program for Students
Principal BGC  24-Dec-2016  Staff Holiday on 31 December
Principal BGC  22-Dec-2016  Students Holiday on 24 December
Director Academics  13-Dec-2016  Entrepreneurship Workshop
Principal BGC  10-Dec-2016  Presentation Schedule
Principal BGC  9-Dec-2016  Presentation Schedule for First Year Students
Registrar  8-Dec-2016  Presentation Instructions for Students
Principal BGC  1-Dec-2016  Semester Exams Notice
 Director Research  2-Nov-2016  Research Project Competition
 Director Academics  24-Oct-2016  Workshop on Bio Sensing
 Director Academics  21-Oct-2016  India-Japan Student Exchange program JENESYS 2016
 HOD Science  16-Oct-2016  Workshop on Sensing in Minutes
 HR Manager  24-Sept-2016  Regarding Blood Donation Camp in College
 Convenor BICON  21-Sept-2016  Workshop on Scientific data Writing
 Convenor BICON  20-Sept-2016  Submit Abstract & Research paper
 HOD Science  16-Sept-2016  Regarding Cancer Awareness seminar in College
 Dean (Academic)  08-July-2016  Regarding Supplementary Examination