The techniques like cell fractionation and ultra centrifugation procedures pursuit the large-scale isolation and collection of sub cellular structures from millions of cells at a time.

Cell Fractionation: Involves mechanical [1] rupturing of the cells & collecting the contents as a homogenate in protective solution sucrose and other sugar solution are generally used as protective solutions because their concentration can be readily adjusted to maintain the structural integrity of the released cell components.

It involves homogenate of the cell which can be brought about by-:
1- Simple grinding of cells with glass beads.
2- Using osmotic shock.
3- Breaking of the cells by the physical forces like pressure.
4- Employing ultrasound waves.

The prepared slurry is known as cell homogenate which may contain the intact cells or other debris.

The components can be removed from the homogenate by low speed centrifugation. In a centrifuge machine a centrifuge force is created on different cell components, due to this force cell components tend to move outward depending upon their size and density.

Author –Khusboo khan