Bioprocess engineering is the application of principles of process technology to biological system. Bioprocess engineering is deals with the conversion of biological material in to the other forms of things which are beneficial for main kind. Generally this process is coated as Bring the engineering in life. Bioprocess engineering is the specialisation of Biotechnology, Chemical engineering and Agriculture engineering.
Bioprocess engineering is the quantitative approach for biological system which deals with the design and development of equipment and scale up processes for manufacturing of various biological products. Bioprocess engineering is deal with the bulk production of food, feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals and polymers and paper from biological materials. It is a combined study of mathematics, biology and industrial design and various spectrums of designing of fermentors, mode of operation etc.
Bioprocess engineering is generally contain the fermentation process which involves biomass and product formation along with the parameters usually measured by pH, Dissolved oxygen, agitation rate, aeration rate and pressure. Some key variables like cell density, substrate and product concentration were measured off line but in modern bioprocess engineering (fermentors) which are equipped with instrumentation made able to measure these parameters on line.
Bioprocess engineering is also utilised to analysis the intracellular parameters like ATP, NADP/NADPH, Ph, Oxygen uptake rate CO2 evolution rate by product like acids or ethanol.
This bioprocess analysis is important not for our understanding but also complying with the extremely strict GMP regulations for the production of recombinant product and for the product of human use.

Author:- Mr. Raghunandan Nathawat