Promotional Advertising and its means

Definition:– It is also known as ‘display advertising’. It includes the efforts made to increase the sales in and out of the shop. These efforts are hinged around the concept of display. Display implies arranging something for view. Promotional advertising demonstrates products directly and tells about the selling points indirectly. […]

Promotional Advertising and its means2020-01-04T10:24:41+05:30

Financial Accounting and Its Deficiencies

The word Financial Accounting is concerned with recording, classifying and summarising the financial transactions and preparing statements relating to the business in accordance with generally accepted accounting concepts and conventions. Since the very beginning Financial Accounting had some Deficiencies/Drawbacks due to which it was not able to fulfill all the […]

Financial Accounting and Its Deficiencies2020-02-13T05:35:41+05:30

Stress Management

Stress management is all about taking charge: of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems. You can take to relieve the pressure and regain control. Stress management can teach you healthier ways to cope with stress, help you reduce its harmful effects, and prevent stress from […]

Stress Management2020-02-13T05:36:03+05:30
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