The various motives behind packaging can be to help the concluding sale of the product, safeguarding the product during transit or otherwise, to prevent theft etc., which are equally significant while accomplishing the ultimate goal of the organization. The key reasons or motives of packaging are as follows:


Main Purpose Of Product Packaging

Main Purpose Of Product Packaging

Product Protection: Physical Protection of the product inside the container is one of the very apparent motives of packaging. This is one of the basic concepts of packaging which facilitates transportation of goods from producer to the end consumer.

  • Product Attractiveness: The basic features responsible to make a package appealing for the customers include size, shape, content printed on pack, colour etc. expecting a good quality product inside the pack is the basic or natural impression derived from a good package. The package containing a label in the picture form acts as a silent or implicit salesman.
  • Product Identification: Identical goods can be segregated or distinguished because of packaging. Packaging and labeling are one and the same and both are closely associated with branding. Successful results can be achieved in marketing with the help of an attractive label.
  • Product Convenience: Packaging is not all about catering to consumer requirements. Packaging should be done in accordance with the contents of the pack. The most beneficial and acknowledged packaging is one which can easily be moved, handled or opened.
  • Effective Sales Tool: A well designed packaging grabs the attention of consumers. Package determines the quality of the product enclosed in it. There are several perceptions about packaging in the minds of customers like a package big in size contains huge products. Circular or curvy packages are preferred by women. Many a times customers decide to buy a product only to have containers attached to it.
  • Segmentation: Customization of product packaging is often practiced for a particular market segment. Differential marketing techniques could be applied by a company by offering more than one package sizes, shapes, designs, styles or colours.
  • Increase Marketing: Marketing is one of the significant reasons behind packaging. Packaging which is attractive grabs the attention of consumers and induces them to purchase the same.

Mr. Kapil Kasliwal
Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College, Jaipur (RJ)