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Skype Voice and Video Chat Alternatives

While Skype (with Video conferencing up to 10 people) has been a household mainstream platform for consumers for over a decade, there are several other services that offer the same thing and more. Here are some others to consider: Google Voice and Google Hangouts: – Google Voice phone service gives […]

Skype Voice and Video Chat Alternatives2020-01-04T10:41:33+05:30

Introduction about Bezier Curves

This spline approximation method was developed by French Engineer Pierre Bezier for use in the design of Renault automobile bodies Bezier splines have a number of properties that make them highly useful and convenient for curves and surface design. They are easy to implement. Bezier splines are widely available in […]

Introduction about Bezier Curves2020-01-04T10:41:40+05:30

Introduction about Reflection

A reflection is a transformation that produces a mirror Image of an object. The mirror image for a 2-D reflection is generated relative to an axis of reflection by rotating the object 1800 about the reflection axis we can choose an axis of reflection in the xy plane or perpendicular […]

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Applications of Image Processing

The applications of Image Processing are : (1) Computer vision : This is a science and technique of machine that can see computer vision is concern with the theory for building artificial system that obtains information form Images. This include system for : (i) Controlling Process (e.g. : Industrial Robot) […]

Applications of Image Processing2020-01-04T10:49:43+05:30

Composite Transformation

Composite transformation Matrix can be obtained by calculating. The matrix product of the individual transformations forming products of transformation matrix is often referred to as concatenation or composition of matrices. (1) Translation : If two successive translation vectors (tx1, ty1) and (tx2, ty2) are applied to a coordinate position P, […]

Composite Transformation2020-01-04T10:42:49+05:30

What are limitations of e-commerce

1. E – Commerce can be defined as trading of goods, services, information or anything else of value between two entities over the internet. It is the ability to conduct business electronically over the internet. It means managing transactions using networking and electronic means. It is a platform for selling […]

What are limitations of e-commerce2020-02-13T05:28:05+05:30

What are advantages of E – commerce

The term commerce is define as trading of good & services or if ‘e’ for ‘electronic’ is added to this, the definition of e – commerce is defined as trading of goods, services, information or anything else of value between two entities over the internet. The main advantages of e […]

What are advantages of E – commerce2016-03-26T06:54:06+05:30

What is HADOOP

Hadoop is the open source implementation of MapReduce, a powerful tool designed for deep analysis and transformation of very large data sets. Hadoop is the system that allows unstructured data to be distributed across hundreds or thousands of machines forming shared nothing clusters, and the execution of Map/Reduce routines to […]

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In B2C e-commerce, businesses sell directly a diverse group of products and services to customers. In addition to pure B2C e-commerce players such as, and other traditional businesses have entered the virtual marketplace by establishing comprehensive web sites and virtual storefronts. In these cases, e-commerce supplements the traditional […]

BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER E-COMMERCE2020-01-04T11:04:29+05:30

HoneyPot Technology

A honey pot is a computer system on the Internet that is expressly set up to attract and “trap” people who attempt to penetrate other people’s computer systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of data (for example, in a network site) that appears to be a legitimate part of the site […]

HoneyPot Technology2020-02-13T05:37:55+05:30
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