The applications of Image Processing are :
(1) Computer vision : This is a science and technique of machine that can see computer vision is concern with the theory for building artificial system that obtains information form Images.
This include system for :
(i) Controlling Process (e.g. : Industrial Robot)
(ii) Detecting Events (for like Counting People)
(iii) Organizing Information
(iv) Modeling Objects or Environment (Medical Image Analyses)
(v) Interaction (as the Input to a Device for Computer Human Interaction)
(2) Face Detection : This Computer technology that determines the location and sizes of human faces in arbitrary digital Images. It detects facial features and ignores everything else like trees buildings.
(3) Feature Detection : This refers to methods that air at comforting, abstracting of image Information and making decision at every Image point whether an image feature of a given type at that point or not.
(4) Land Departure Warning System : This mechanism is designed to warn a driver when vehicle begins to move out of its lane.
(5) Medical Image Processing : This refers to techniques and process used to create Images of human body for clinical purposes like entropy radiology.
(6) Microscope Image Processing : This is the broad term that covers to use the digital image processing technique to process analyze and Present Images obtained from microscope like in drug testing and metallurgical processes.
(7) Morphological Image Processing : Theoretical model for digital images built upon lattice theory and topology also uses Image Processing Technique.
(8) Remote sensing: This is a small or large scale acquisition of information of an object or phenomenon by the use of either recording or real time sensing device that is not physical but way of air craft, space craft & satellites.

Author: Dr. Poonam Sharma