Every time at each step of our life, we experience many disappointments. Our disappointments make us to learn a number of positive things to be developed in our attitude. When a person works hard and he doesn’t get a positive result of his hard work, he gets disappointed. It happens only when he focuses on the result instead of the hard work, this attitude leads to him towards the failure and further towards the frustration and displeasure. Disappointment may be negative for some extent but it can also be taken as positive learning. We can learn from each of our disappointment that there is something better framed for us by the almighty. Secondly, a disappointed person learns to work more hard for the betterment of his planning to achieve the goal. Thirdly, each disappointment gives a new hope to reframe the policies and efforts in new directions to achieve the target. So one should learn to work without expecting the result and if one fails to achieve, despite getting disappointed one should think in positive direction.

Author: Dr. Preeti Sharma