There are many things that no one can teach us except life. We realize things happening to us and derive the meaning of everything going on. Since eternity experiences are the only way things have been learnt and repeated by the learners in order to forward it to the others for their welfare and welfare of society and mankind as a whole. Some of those things have been mentioned here:

Respect everyone until they give you a reason not to. But even if you respect everyone it is never guaranteed that people will respect you. Respect is earned not asked for. It will automatically come from people when they see your dedication.. loyalty.. honesty.. righteousness.. kindness or even the smallest of the things that you might have done to help someone! Only respecting others doesn’t guarantee being respected in return!

It is the most important quality in a person. Changes can sometimes be sudden & disturbing, to which some people might not be that welcoming. This can lead to dissatisfaction and resentment cropping up inside. Acceptance creates peace and increases potential of solving problems and surviving in uncomfortable situations. It enables you to focus by diverting your mind from cribbing over your problems.

In the tough times, hope is the only characteristic that separates you from the rest. When nothing seems to go right, when everything is going downhill, not everyone has the resilience to never give up on hope! Even a little of it can help you hold on in the storm and can save you from losing everything and giving up on life!

A quality like this one is the need of the hour. Whether it is to speak up for your rights or to face the reality, one needs to be brave. Courage is the rarest of all traits because the evil in this world lies not on the outside but on the inside of us. To fight your inside monsters like greed, ego, lust and condescension, you’ve gotta face them! Let no one tell you that you can’t. Believing is the most courageous act of all.

People mostly search happiness outside, in the approval of other people, whereas it lies inside them. Basing your happiness on other people will leave you feeling like a puppet. Unfulfilled Expectations will prick your fragile bubble of reality & you’ll forever be disappointed. Do things for yourself, give yourself the time you need, enjoy being on your own, drive, read, shop, cook your food, have your favourite dish in your favourite restaurant, anything and everything that you love! Give yourself the consent to be happy!

It can be your career goal or may b just a goal to help people around you. Your purpose in life decides your success. A person is never complete without a direction in life; Somehow he needs to know where he’s headed to. After the basic education we’re expected to find our calling but it doesn’t really happen; Some take years some perhaps know it all from the start. It all depends on the person’s will. Sooner or later you gotta find something to live for, something greater than you!

It is a language understood by all but spoken by a few. We all have been preaching & following barter system since birth, for earning our bread & butter. It has become a tradition so much so that we’ve forgotten to give without thinking prior about the returns. As much as our big ambitions & expectations matter, so does kindness. To give without the want of getting it back is the true sense of giving. Business is for food but food is not for business. Good comes to those who do good. No one has ever become poor by giving! Even if it is a bit of help, it matters!

NOTE: Don’t preach it to someone else. If you find it worthy, follow one of them!

Author: Heena Kewalramani