“The object of Art is to give amazing shapes”

If it’s fabric, it must be Mood Fabrics. Fabric has been a defining feature, allowing artists to convey movement, energy and character.

Ruffles are real, modern & so romantic and are no longer just a super fancy princess thing.
A dress with a little ruffle emphasis can add some perk along the chest and draw more attention to your soft, pretty face.
We love our denim bottoms and ruffles so why can’t we have both? Hint: we can – all with a bold frill in the front. We also love that effortless linen shorts and skirts have all the flexibility and function you need as a lightweight option for warmer weather. The fun part is finding bottoms that come in all types of prints including florals, plaid, and stripes – all designed with frilly trims.

Making textile manipulations (or fabric manipulations) is playing with the fabric to change its appearance, drape or shape. Usually, we want the fabric to become more dimensional, to go from flat to 3D. … “Fabric manipulations are techniques that reshape a fabric or textile surface.”
Choose the right fabric
A lot of things go into choosing the right fabric! But the most important thing for me is to use high quality fabrics: they are dense, with a good hand, don’t seem like they are going to break in 5 seconds or pill after 1 wash.

• Choose the right fabric manipulation techniqueTo be able to choose the best technique, you’ll need to try a lot of them

Pleats are an amazing way to add volume to your textiles, and so to your clothes or any final product you want to make. They make textiles “elastic”, create freedom of movement in clothes, and texture to any fabric.

Shirring is a way to make irregular pleats by sewing straight lines. At least 3 stitches are necessary to create shirring. The pleats are called gathers, and create a lot of texture. The stitches can be done with elastic threads to accentuate the gathers.

There are various ways to construct the flounce pattern and you’ll discover the how-to of each by going through this tutorial. I also added a few projects so you can see how to add the flounces in a garment pattern.

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