When we hear this word a feeling of purity,manner full attitude,beauty,morality and unity arises in our mind.Cultre is a fully develop ed form of past,present and future life of people.Culture is directly related with human development.In simple terms,the lifestyle of people of a particular area,i.e the customs they foll0w,and their overall development all can be summed up under Culture.
Culture is that valuable gift which is conveyed from one generation to another.with the passage of time,culture undergoes certain transformations,but for eg,our Indian Culture is the only culture in World history,whose roots are still intact and maintains it’s originality.Various intellectual s have defined Culture from varied outlook s,for eg.a historian views Culture as the development of people of a particular region regarding art and spirituality,whereas a philosopher views culture as human life developed in terms of purity,simplicity and spirituality.
Culture can be defined as that human life style that is comfortable and full of discoveries that enhanced overall development .
Culture binds people in oneness Culture is joy,
Culture is comfort,
Culture is unity,
Culture is development,
Culture has endless valuable features that can ever be explained fully.

Author: Shashi Agarwal