This morning when I was reading a newspaper my eyes stuck on a passage and I started reading it. It was a wonderful passage beautifully written by Steve Jobs. In that passage he told about everything that he has gone through in his life in a crisp brief manner. While reading it I just started imagining the way I have dealt the things in my life. I don’t know how it happened but magically it happened. His and mine incidents are not at all similar but we do have a similarity which is as he had thrown out from that company which he has made from his hard work and dedication, what he loved the most and give his most of time to APPLE.

In that passage it was written there that he said sorry to the authorities so that they could take him back in the company again but it didn’t happen and he completely broke out for several months. I can understand this completely as I have the same experience when I felt divested for months because what I love the most at a certain point of time, that particular thing upon which I had done a lot of hardworking I lost it completely or I can say someone throw me out from that place which I built by myself. It was a very painful experience for me just as it was for Steve sir. But as he said earlier whatever happens it happens for a good reason.

He has told earlier in one of his speeches which he had given in a convocation ceremony in one of colleges where he called as a Speaker to enhance the energy and vibes of the students who has just done the graduation and there is a lot for them to see ahead in their future. There he told them that “you can connect the dots only by looking behind”. This is so true. I have experienced it by myself. Whatever happens with us it happen for a reason, does not matter good or bad, it is going to be all fruitful and productive at the end. And we humans realize it only once it will happen. It is the utmost necessity to have bad experiences in life because if we have never failed in anything then it will be very difficult for you to attain the same level of success as they maintained at the initial point.

I personally believe that Failure helps a person more to rejuvenate again and again rather than a success. If Steve didn’t throw out from the APPLE then it will not be possible to develop PIXER and NEST. Same if I would not be thrown out from those circumstances I can assure where I have reached today or won’t be present here. I have looked back and connect my dots and realize it, it is important to face all the hardships.

A thanks to my hardship, to all my failures. I request you to be with me there when I need you to rejuvenate once again.

Blog By:-
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani Group of Colleges