South China is a part of the world which is emerging as an object lesson out of the international regions of tension. South China conflicts belong to the major tension among the sovereign nations of this region. It is an area in the south of China, east of Vietnam and Malaysia, in the north of Brunei and in the west of Philippines.
South China problem is based on the island and maritime claims of surrounding nations Brunei, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. These countries have a dispute over the Spartly and Paracel Islands, Gulf of Tonkin boundaries and Indonesian Notuna Islands in South China Sea. The conflicts have more heat because of the scopes of national interests of these nations in the direction of fishing, potential storage of Crude oil and Natural Gas under the sea bed as well as this area may provide a strategic control of important shipping routes.
These conflicts have fanned the flames among the nations in this region as well as outer world as a threat to peace of Asia- Pacific region.Some of the platforms served as a way to ensure security of peace in South China Sea:
1. Shangri- La Dialogue, Singapore 2002: it mainly stressed upon the territorial disputes of Asia- Pacific region.
2. The Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia- Pacific.
3. Sunnylands Declaration 2016: It indicated the essential respect of each nations’ sovereignty and international Law.
South China Sea is an area of emerging economic powers those should be in peace for a strong Asian development. So the problems of this region should be taken seriously and strong measures should be taken by UNO and the concerning nations through Bi-lateral talks.

Author: Dr. Preeti Sharma