The teachers are the active agent to develop the childs thinking, reasoning, imagination, practical efficiency ,emotional integration and social adjustments. By his personality and by proper guidance.

He developed character of the child. His contribution to social welfare is no less important .He is the role model and maintains the continuity of social life by transmitting the social patterns of living to the young generation. He is the makers of the workers and leaders of the future society. It is being who produces socially conscious citizens.

Teachers are Ideal for the students. It is essential for the teachers to be enriched with the sense of nationality. They should have full respect for national flag, national anthem and national language. If the teachers express themselves as an ideal and nationalist citizen, students will also follow them.

Teachers should stress on his moral speeches that nation is higher than cast, religion and communities all the programs can be operated in the rights direction when teachers express himself as a symbol of nationality.

Teachers must have constructive relations with the society and must support the way of life democratic lines. Environment is more important than heredity. It goes a long way to build up a mans character with morality and other character qualities. Here the teachers guidance and his teaching are the most important factors to create positive thinking n the students.