In Sanskrit, the word prarthana means a prayer and “Pra” means to wish or request. The process of communication with Almighty, the God. We all communicate with the god when we are depressed, happy, anxious, stressed what so ever the situation may be. It is a deep hearted way to communicate with divine power. It is explained by all religions, spiritual gurus and our parents that praying every day is the best exercise for our mental health and well being.

Prayer has a deep meaning and it always works. It is a very significant way of communication with god where we pay him attitude of gratitude for everything which we have. Prayer is a spiritual practice, and if done daily, it gives us miraculous result. God is always there to bless us for our prayer. Remember always that prayer opens the door of impossible things as well. When all the door are closed and we feel that everything is over and the ball is not in our court , in that situation we have to keep calm , take some long breath and communicate with god . Speechless communications have very strength and go from heart to heart.

So, please pray every day, to keep ourselves pure and clean hearted. Definitely we feel the power of god beyond the science.
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“A day without prayer
Is a day without blessing,
And a life without a prayer is a
Life without power”. – Edwin Harvey

Blog By:-
Dr. Manisha Soni
Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College
Department of Commerce & Management