Power to Solve any Problem

One of the most effective techniques in problem solving is making “God as your partner”.

One of the basic truth taught by “Gita”, “Purana” is that God is with us. Even, he resides in our heart. We can talk to him, shares every happiness and problems with him.

Whenever your mind is upset; just sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes and say to God that I am making you as my partner. I don’t know how you can help me, but I want to be helped. So I now put my everything in your hands. Don’t do churchy prayers- Just Man-to-Man talk.

This does not means that a miracle will happened and your problem will be solved. It’s just that every problem had a solution itself. Whenever you share your problem with your partner “God”, your mind and heart got relaxed and when this feeling of peacefulness came; you began to feel better.

And definitely then an idea to cope with problem will began to float in your mind.Here are some of the tips which I am sharing and I believe it will gonna help you-

  1. Remember that anger is an emotion, and an emotion is always warm. Whenever you get angry; try to cool yourself first.
  2. Pray for the person who has hurt your feelings. Remember that a person is never wrong; it’s just his thinking is wrong. Pray that he will be able to improve it.
  3. When a hurt-feeling situation arises, go to someone you trust and pour it out to him until any bitter feeling remains within you. Then forget it.
  4. Every problem has its solution. So rather than depressing yourself; try to follow the inner voice which came from your heart; you will definitely find the solution.

Blog By :-

Nitika Kewlani

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce