The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole world in such a way that we still are reeling from its repercussions. The world which was a place hustling with speed and chaos came to a stand still. Individual and the community both are trying to adjust to a new world post pandemic. We even have adopted new terminologies like the “New Normal”, “social distancing”, and sanitization. The ‘new normal’ is adaptation to changes which comes from unexpected events and the act of settlement to new norms and standard. During this pandemic crisis, the world has to adapt to new norms of living. People have to adopt new habits and practices like of wearing masks and carrying hand senitizer. Some faced the challenge of combating social isolation and anxiety, for others it was the adjustment process of learning how to re-live with family structures/units. Apart from taking protective measures of social distancing and sanitization, people need to take care of their mental health and well being too. This unanticipated situational demand of the time needs to be navigated through a positive and healthy channel so as to cope and adjust toward a new world in a better way. Humans need to shoulder the collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.We have to learn the lesson that human greed can lead to degeneration of humanity. Environment degradation and climate change are major issues which requires severe attention so as to not wrong the future generations. We should strive to leave the earth a better place than what we arrived at.

Blog By :-

Ms. Ravisha Rathore

Assistant Professor

Department of Social Science

Biyani Group of Colleges