A mature vascular plant contains several types of differentiated cells. These are grouped together in tissues. Some tissues contain only one type of cell& some consist of several. These tissues are meristematic tissues & simple & complex tissues. The meristemetic tissues are apical meristem, Intercalary meristem& Lateral meristem type.
The simple tissues are Parenchyma, Collenchyma& Scelerenchyma while the complex tissues are Xylem& Phloem types. The main function of Meristematic tissue is mitosis. The cells are small, thin walled with no central vacuole and no specialized features. The apical meristems are present at the growing points of roots and stems.
Xylem and phloem tissues are Complex tissue type. The main function of Xylem tissue are conduct water& dissolved minerals from the roots to all other part of plant. The main components of Xylem are tracheids, vessels and xylem fiber& Xylem parenchyma. The main function of phloem is transportation of food material from leaves to growing part of plants. . The components of phloem tissue are companion cells, Sievetube, phloem fiber& Phloem parenchyma.