An organization, whether a business or industrial, enterprise, needs for its survival and growth money, material, machinery and men (four Ms). The suites or failure of an organization depends on an effective combination of these factors of these; however, the management of human resources is a very important and challenging task.

A companies long term advantage lies in its human, resources. Other advantages that arise from it are technological improvements, the opening of new markets, and lower material or labor cost, but all these from to be relatively short run. Hence, there is an urgent need to understand the human factor which is assuming increasing significance in a modern organizational setting.

Principles of Personal Management

The main principles of personal management may be set forth as follows:-

– Employs are to be dealt with as complete individuals.
– Employees should be made to feel worthwhile.
– Fairness and justice should guide managements policies and actions.
– Rewards should be earned, not given.Supply employees with relevant information, instructions, orders and rules.
– Judge the strength or intelligence of the people properly, and associate them with decision making process.
– Sell the personal programmers either orally on in writing.
– Equal images for equal work and the images paid must be adequate.
– Set examples “Actions are louder than words.

Author – Bhawana Chitlangia