Marketing 4.0 is the process communication , with new customer , for digital medium used in social networks. The study brings purposely to combine  knowledge , information between company and customer.

In digital marketing 4.0 with consumers in the social networks of prime residencies . In act increasingly online world, offline interactions can represent a great competitive advantage.

Due to this covid pandemic this view has emerged highly transmitting the view on traditional to digital marketing and this changed the name as marketing 4.0 .this  pandemic created a lot of nusiance which affects the workings of the  people from last 2 years and this transformation capture the market digitally through online platform.

The workings done of the organisation digitally has taken a huge market and replaced the traditional with online technology . Online platform like social media enhances their productivity on applications like facebook,instagram, linkedin, zoom, google meet etc.

Work from home converted this traditional marketing into digital marketing. All the workings all organization,companies,do work digitally and this helps the people.

  • Time consuming
  • We can do work from anywhere, no need of physical presence
  • We can do more than a single work
  • Easy for the students to study online

While every aspect has a positive as well as negative aspect

  • Negatively ,it created health issues
  • Low class labour didn’t have the income source
  • Companies shut down which leads to loss of market
  • Low level of economy
  • Low growth opportunities
  • Low level of income

Blog By :-

Ms. Megha Daga

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce & Management

Biyani Group of Colleges