Festivals are usually involving with fried foods, rich biriyanis and lots sweets, so usually, after a festival we have following complains: Headaches, acidity, indigestion, gas, water retention, weight gain and high blood sugar. To manage these problems following steps should be taken:
1. For Acidity Barley is good. The various forms of barley include barley water and barley salad. It is an excellent remedy for dealing with heat and acidity. Bananas are also good way to beat acidity.
2. The easiest way to deal with gas is to drink warm water after swallowing a little bit of Hing or Ajwain. Or eat one teaspoon of trifala powder. A porridge made of oats and eaten with milk is also helpful.
3. A simple way to beat water retention is to avoid salt and eat fruit and drink Lassi through the day. Apples in particular are a good natural diuretic.Another way to beat water retention is to drink chamomile or jasmine tea.
4. For high Blood Pressure dink petha juice mixed with one amla on an empty stomach. Another remedy is boiled kalachannachaat with tomatoes, onions, a little chaat masala and lime. Eat this chaat with a couple of days after the festival instead of rotis.
5. The magic formula to take care of weight gain is to eat only fruit for dinner.