Life is not just a beautiful word but it itself defines how beautiful everything is. For e.g “Nature”. We all know that a life is a gift by God and the beauty it has is just incredible and magical. We born, we die, and the gap which stays between them is what we call “Life”.

We go through some phases which gives flavours to our lives, sometimes we feel sad, happy confused, hopeless and sometimes broken too but every emotion we feels turns our life into meaningful life. We can see different cultures, countries and diverse society around us so we can see and feel beautiful creations.

 Life, a combination of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, tears and life, birth and death and so on. If life has only happiness, we forgot the meaning of it, but if it has a sorrow too, then we understand the worth of it. Life is like a game of snakes and ladders. We go up, we face challenges.  We fight, we lose then again we try and after trying so many times we finally win. The satisfaction after all our hard work, determination and our strong will power gives us more motivation to pass all challenges in our lives.

At every stage of our life, we face challenges whether it’s related to our career or studies. If we don’t face any challenges, we don’t have hurdles or problems, and then we lose all excitement of living. If we are passing everything without a challenge then I think that achievement is not worth of it, because we didn’t feel the excitement of the process of doing it. Each and every person in the world face challenges at every stage of their life in one way or other, whether it’s related to their professional or personal life but it depends on a person whether he/she takes it in a positive or a negative way. It depends on us whether we take a challenge just as an excuse for our failure or an exciting way of living our life.

 Life is just like a video game where challenges of our lives are the levels of game, it’s difficult but exciting and after completing and achieving it, we receive awards in the form of happiness and satisfaction resulting into a peaceful and beautiful life. So, yes life is full of challenges but it makes our life much more beautiful….

Blog By:-

Poorvi Khandelwal ,Muskan Gaur (BBA 2nd year)

Department of Commerce & Management

Biyani Group of Colleges