Internet Branding is defined as a technique in brand management that uses the internet as a medium to position the brand in the marketplace. Online branding can be referred as the best way to market things. Branding involves knowing the target audience. Knowing the target audience actually means knowing the people you are  marketing to. This isn’t as simple as demographics.

Just like getting to know a friend, a target audience should be clearly defined. On an average every  business has five to six brand personas identified as part of its repertoire. Once the brand personas are identified, start with sharing the story of the brand and building its personality. Different sectors have certain standards. For example, fashion designers have different personality types than doctors or lawyers .

Internet Branding has become more popular in these covid times. There are several brand like ‘BOAT’, ‘Lenskart’, ‘Sugar’,’Myglamm’ who used I internet branding and made their name and increased their valuation.

Internet Branding removes dependency on ads and promotions for traffic and increases customer retention. Creates valuable brand and helps to understand customers better. It creates value adds for shoppers.

Blog By :-

Ms. Megha Daga

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce & Management

Biyani Group of Colleges