First impression is the last impression, such a thing does not exist in this world at least not in my perception. Until and unless you will not meet that person ahead in your life. Look around and see those people whom you are surrounded with. Do you really think they all are leaving in your mind with the same impression as they used to have there? Maybe some of you will agree with my last question and others will not. Well to those who do not agree with me, I would like them to reverse the table around for once and let’s see their 6 which we saw earlier as 9. Now you might have a different perspective about them within a few minutes. First or second or third impression, these are all numbers just like our age. I have seen people who used to talk a lot and have good understanding at first but in the later half they fall apart. Likewise, two siblings who used to fight a lot but once they grow up and become mature everything is settled in between them. Life is changing second by second so does the impression.

Blog By:-
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani Group of Colleges