Respect is one of the most necessary thing in a relationship. A Relationship need not be romantic in nature, it could be platonic, professional or familial relationship. What is common among these all relationships is the need for mutual respect. This could be achieved in a healthy relationship through the medium of having ‘Boundaries’. Boundaries in relationship doesn’t mean physical barrier or being distant. It actually refers to holistically knowing yourself, understanding your personal and emotional needs, and being able to communicate them to  other effectively. When we say a relationship needs healthy boundaries it can be understood as a reflection of your principles, rules, and guidelines that you have set for yourself. A break in those boundaries happens  when the other disrespects, ignores, or isn’t aware of those principles or personal needs.

The crossing of personal boundaries can be done with intentions or unintentionally. Frequent breakage of boundaries can lead to emotional manipulation. Therefore it is significant for one to have one’s own personal boundaries. It could be as easy as to say ‘No’  when a favour sacrifices your principles or disrespect your time.

Blog By :-

Ms. Ravisha Rathore

Assistant Professor