Women are a Mother, Sister and Daughter. We started our human and social life from her. The Women are mistresses of half of the country. They are part of Society and Nation. A family is not happy and strong till the women enacting the important role of mother, housewife or daughter. They are queen of the household. They can bring love, peace and affection among the human beings.
It has been observed that the human right of the women is being violated in many field of life, so the object is to find out and make some mechanism and systems to empower women who are human beings as man.

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The gender violence is a Universal phenomenon which takes many forms across culture, race and class.

The Violation of the rights of women is a human rights violation of her body and her rights as a person. The violation of women’s rights takes many forms such as:-
1. Sexual or Physical assault and harassment.
2. Female feticide and Infanticide.
3. Female Circumcision.
4. Dowery deaths, Sati and denial of her autonomy and authority over her body.

As regards as freedoms the women are not getting enough space they are insulted by false character assassination when they talk with men in the office, market and bazaar with the view that they have illicit relations with the men. They are killed in Ultra Sounds before taking birth.
In Christian community there is a violation of human rights of women, they are not treated equal the same in Dalit category and Tribal and Rural areas, they are not allowing to get education. Christian Succession Act does not grant equality to women as far as property is concern.
In Muslim Community there is violation of human rights of women such as the husband can have four wives and on baseless grounds Divorces are given.
Education is another field in which female member of family are not allowed having education.

There are over twenty-three (23) main U.N conventions relating to Human Rights in general and Five (5) especially to women. These are:
1. Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
2. Convention on political rights of women.
3. Convention on the consent of marriage, minimum age of marriage and registration of marriages.
4. Convention on the nationality of married women
5. Convention on the recovery abroad of maintenance.