Once upon a time there was a King who lives in a beautiful palace along with his Queen and sweet children. And they live like this happily ever after. Isn’t this story line we have heard and also seen in no. of movies? Why do we want happy ending always? Or should I change the framing of the Question? Why we can’t accept if the King or Queen is living happily in the absence of their partner. Is it so hard to just live along with the memories of someone? Recently I was watching a drama which ends comes as, The Hero will at the end while saving the love of her life and after sometime she will listen to a Cassatt which was given to her by him where she will hear the confession of him and will cry a lot. This ending is giving me the emotional turmoil from the past 2 days. I have found out that I am not even ready to accept this ending which makes me to stop watching that drama anymore. This makes me to questioned, “Happy Ending. Is it Important? 

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Ms. Gunjan Agarwal

Assistant Professor

Department of Social Science

Biyani Group of Colleges