Internet Penetration simply means that how much percentage of population uses internet. Its been seen and experience that internet has always been used for the benefits of Mankind As far as India is concern it’s the Third Largest internet user in World after China & US.

A report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and IAMAI titled India@Digital.Bharat says in 2001 there were approximately 7 Millions Internet users in India. This number has grown by 25 times in the last 12 Years at a compounded rate of 30% Year by Year. Today approximately 40 millions Indians are online everyday spending around 40 to 45 hours on the internet per month.
The use of internet offers a variety of benefits to everyone who is willing to use it. Know it has become most powerful source of information. Moreover it becomes a great tool for avoiding the hassles of bank and offering the chance to make the transaction quickly and safe. It also offers a powerful source of shopping. Further more the widespread use of internet has opened a new area in education since it provides an enormous amount of information and is the greatest source of references to the educators and students. The electronics libraries are of utmost important universities, students looking for scientific information for their courses are available on internet.

Another major benefit of internet is its ability to minimize distance for education without any cost. The available material , programmers ,website and other services of the internet are multiplied every day its penetration give major growth and make peoples life more easy by increase there knowledge.

Some people say time is money and some say time is precious and should not be wasted this make it possible through internet especially in the field of education –distance learning is its best example. Educators can obtain learning material from I , prepare courses online and deliver audio/visual information to students. For instructor it is valuable source for referencing material and enhancing the knowledge of their students.
The Internet provides a great place for conferences and collaborating with students from all over the worlds. Student can search for information regarding their school courses via electronic libraries who offers a great variety of journals and scientific articles. The resources available over the net cover atmost every aspect of the school curriculum.

Author: Deepika Mehrotra Chhabra