Google Classroom is a free web service, developed and launched by Google in the year 2014. It was launched for the school, college and university students and teachers for making a productive teaching-learning process. The Google classroom offers the facilities to the teachers for creating the classrooms for a specific subject and also helpful to share the notes, assignments, provide the video lecture link and any other information related to the class schedule and homework, etc. Google classroom uses four particulars google services including google drive, google docs, google sheet and slides. Google drive is useful to create the assignment and its successful distribution among the students, whereas Google Docs, sheets and slides are used for writing purposes. Although, before starting this web service, the user must have an active Gmail account. The active Gmail account is necessary for teachers and students for creating the google classroom account and joins the class. The google calendar is also a useful service for scheduling the class and event for the teachers. In short, we can say that it is two-way online interaction among the students and teachers. The mobile application is also introduced in the year 2015 for android and iOS users, so that students and teachers may work from anywhere at any time on any device, hence now users have options to access the google classroom service on the web or via mobile application. It is a secured service by Google, which does not collect our data for advertisement purposes, and is also easy to use in comparison to other learning management systems. It is a cloud-based service and accessible from anywhere, which provides the facility of collaboration outside the school campus. It is completely different from the physical classroom, where students must present to attend the class and fulfil the compulsory attendance requirement. It is a cloud-based service and everything which we post to store in google drive automatically and students may access that study material from home and anywhere in the country. This service also helps to engage the students in the learning process, and give exposure to the students for an online learning platform. It is a free service of Google that has been specifically designed for educational purposes. The teacher may create various classes in the google classroom with different categories and subject wise. Each created class has a specific folder in google drive, that may access by the teachers and students for providing the assignments and notes. The other feature of google classroom is the grading tool, which is effectively used by the teachers for evaluating the student’s assignment. Since it is free and easy to use hence it has become a popular tool among the students and teachers to exchange their ideas, and work plans. It is also used as a plagiarism tool for checking the duplicate content in the paper or work report.

Thus, we can say that google classroom is a worthwhile service, that saves energy, paper and time.

Blog By:-
Dr. Tarun Sharma
HOD , Department of Science
Biyani Group of Colleges