Why? Why it is important to respect elders until and unless they are to be respected? Why a younger has told each and every time to respect the elder does not matter what they are saying, what they are doing, how they behave with us? It is just about listening to them and keeps your eyes and voice down in front of them. Why? I am sorry. I will not do so; neither will I advise anyone to behave in such a way. Rather I would prefer to use your logics behind their words. If it is worthy to you then you can go with it, if it is not then there is no need to accept it as it is. Manipulate it with your logics link about the reasons behind it. It depends upon you whether you want to continue this legacy to your next generation or to find a better understanding of everything so that you can precede it to your children more preciously. Because it will happen to us also once we will become parents. As today we told to what to do or what not, we will do the same to our children also with no logic. So I just want all of you to be a little aware about what is happening in all, what is there should be accepted and what is not. We know that our elders wants good things happen to us, we also do good deeds but when they order us to no to do something with giving any explanation this rise the question of doubt in us for them which later either could become a major issue or you will accept the things as it is and keep your guards down. And I believe both are not good. Think about it by yourself. Listen to them but follow them with proper explanations only.

Blog By:
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani GROUP of Colleges