Crypto Currency:-

  • At present cash exchanges starting with one individual then onto the next individual go through monetary organizations like banks. The development of digital money permitted client to client exchanges without the need of delegate establishments. Through digital currency, clients can straightforwardly send cash to different clients.
  • The first digital money, Bitcoin was concocted by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ in 2009. Nobody knows whether this Satoshi Nakamoto is a lady or man or a gathering of people. No body realizes who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Furthermore, this bitcoin is constructed utilizing block chain innovation. There are a predetermined number of coins. Furthermore, every bitcoin has a one of a kind code. Each exchange of the coin is put away as a square, and every one of the exchanges for the specific coin are associated like a chain, and thus the name block chain innovation. And this load of subtleties is accessible in a public record, which anybody can check. For each coin, we can know the exchanges of its trade.
  • After the development of bitcoin, numerous comparable digital currencies, for example, Etherum, Ripple appeared, in light of the fact that the code of bitcoin is open source. Anybody can peruse the code and make their own rendition of digital money with their own alterations.

Benefits of Crypto Currency:-

  • Crypto currencies don’t have administrative bodies, its decentralized money. Along these lines, the exchanges require a lot of lower charges.
  • Every exchange will be recorded in a public record, and it is extremely difficult to change these subtleties by hacking, since, in such a case that somebody alters the subtleties in a single square, different squares that are associated with it won’t acknowledge the adjustment. To make it work, one need to hack every one of the squares in the chain, which is incomprehensible at this point? In this way, it is a stage towards guaranteeing straightforwardness and security in monetary exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency can be a decent option for the nations which have powerless economies. Since frail economy brings about the fall of money esteem. Then, at that point, they need to pay more cash to different nations for exchange, administrations and so on Be that as it may, on the off chance that they use digital money as an elective cash, they can keep away from the present circumstance somewhat, on the grounds that the worth of digital money relies upon worldwide demand.and not on the public economy.

Cons of cryptocurrency:-

  • The worth of digital money is exceptionally unstable, in light of the fact that its worth relies upon its interest. Digital currency has no worth in itself. It’ll have esteem provided that there is an interest for it. For instance, assuming 1000 individuals need to purchase bitcoins, its worth increments. What’s more, simultaneously if 1000 individuals sell their bitcoins to put resources into one more digital money? For instance Ethereum, the worth of bitcoin will diminish. Thus, we can’t confide in cryptographic forms of money.
  • In public records, which contain data with respect to exchanges, individual data is covered up. We can’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties of people who did the exchange. Along these lines, cryptographic forms of money are being abused for illicit enacts, for example, drug dealings and so on
  • There are no uniform global laws. A few nations, for example, India, Canada forced financial prohibition on cryptographic forms of money, which implies they restricted banks from managing digital currencies.
  • There is no administrative body, which is a benefit of digital forms of money since it permits decentralized exchanges, however it is likewise an inconvenience. On the off chance that you lost your virtual coins, it’s not possible for anyone to recover them for you. There is no dependable power.
  • For model as of late in February 2019, Gerald Cotten, the CEO of Canadian cryptographic money trade stage Quadriga kicked the bucket an unexpected passing. He is only 30 years of age. Just he approached the passwords of thousands of records that his organization is overseeing, which represented 137 million dollars. Presently, this present organization’s customers are at misfortune. They can’t recover this cash without knowing secret key. It couldn’t be any more obvious, this is the issue of nonappearance of administrative body.
  • As per reports he remained quiet about access of passwords since programmers have been taking cryptographic forms of money. As per the “Digital currency Anti-Money Laundering Report”, in the year 2018, programmers took digital currencies worth 1 billion dollars. Thus, digital currencies are not that protected as it was suspected.

Future of Crypto Currencies:-

  • Crypto currencies are as yet in the underlying stages and the innovation is continually advancing. Along these lines, in case digital currencies are developed so that the escape clauses are addressed, they might rival the formal monetary foundations.
  • But at present many individuals are viewing at digital currencies as a venture choice with the assumptions for becoming rich as opposed to the expected reason for cash exchanges. This is bringing about the high varieties in the worth of virtual monetary standards. On the off chance that the present circumstance proceeds, digital currencies might vanish sooner rather than later.


Even if crypto currencies face extinction, it is a very useful innovation mainly because of the block chain technology it brought. Block chain technology is very useful technology not just for financial sector but also for many other sectors such as medical field etc. In banking sector, implementation of block chain technology can solve the issue of money laundering because every transaction is connected.

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