Expectations are something that we all have. Expectations can be referred to as  how we hope or anticipate life will be.They encompass different areas of our lives—our work, our relationships or the way we dream our life will unfold. They play a major role in various kinds of relationship. Moreover, we tend to form great expectations from the people close to us. It is rightly said that sometimes having  unreasonable expectations can lead to disappointment. So how can one not develop expectations from others?

The expectations that we often have from others usually doesn’t correspond to our realities and this leads to being disappointed. We also get disappointed when we expect to be treated in the same way we treat others. When one start to realise that  each one of us is living a different reality, they think differently and make their choices accordingly, then you can accept the fact that  people don’t have the same perspective and intentions.  When you want to let go of all the unreasonable expectations  to be happy, you need to focus on yourself first. Be the person that you want to be proud of and expand your understanding of others. Others may not change but you will be sure of where you stand and what you deserve.

Blog By :-

Ms. Ravisha Rathore

Assistant Professor

Department of Social Science

Biyani Group of Colleges