Exam, yes the name itself is a big fever in minds of the students who are not prepared. For prepared ones, it is just like to give the best. One has to keep away this phobia, get serious for regular studies, you will then nowhere will deal the problem of exams.
Strategies to avoid this tension and for best preparation:
1. Be regular in your studies at least 2 hrs in continuation when you are in best mood but not in complicated situation. Because that study will be always memorable or in tips in corner of your conscious mind.
2. First aim or goal of your college life is just to study not anything else in your thoughts should come otherwise it will certainly disturb your mission for securing good marks.
3. The topics which are hard for you, choose them as a first thing to study by making assignments of that particular topic. This will improve your learning power because you choose the hard first. Easy topics will be taken care of by self. But yes don’t leave them as they will score more for you.
4. If you get bored of studies, try to surf on internet related to your studies or which is new in your field, this will keep your interest maintained.
5. Prioritize your work according to first come basis of importance. Work on bound schedule. Don’t be in flight mode. Switch on your fight mode for achieving your goal. Compete yourself with you only.
6. Last but not the least, don’t run for percentage, run for best, search a good listener in yourself, always get motivated, and don’t slow down. Manage your time and be punctual on that. Keep in mind always that this is era of competition, be regular.


Author: Dr. Megha Sharma