Employee Motivation is significant variable of any organisation . This is the pillars of business empire. Without motivation organisations are like a vehicle without no fuel . Motivation of Employee can be defined as the attitude of Employees which they have towards their work . It is the energy that involve people constantly  interested and committed for their job. Motivated Human Resource are more dedicatedly work harder as well as more productive . So definitely Employee Motivation Enhance the quality of work . Without Motivation no any organisation can sustain over the long run period .Employee Motivation impacts Employee engagement in positive  manner and engaged employee  emotionally committed to the company . With the current situation Maslow’s hierarchy of need can help us to keep employee engagement on high level.

Maslow’s Theory of Need :

Abraham Maslow defined the human need in hierarchy and state that now humans are motivated by their needs . He classify the human need into a pyramid of five levels as per their significance and priority. Maslow state that when one level of need get satisfied it ceases to be a motivating factor . Once a level complete the next set of need take its place.

Execution of Maslow’s theory of motivation in organisation :-

1.)   Physiological needs :-  At the lowermost level of the pyramid comprised biological needs such as water, shelter and food. An organization can satisfy these employee needs by providing them   adequate and regular salary , safe working environment, lunch breaks , coffee / tea machines.

2.)  Safety needs :- This level of need are triggered in a human being. This safety level includes working in an atmosphere that is physically and psychologically safe. By provide a proper  Retirement planes , sick leave , health and wellness programme , insurance policy and job security, good working environment organization can satisfy this need.

3.) Social needs :- For fulfil this type of need management can promoting group working across team, encouraging team building  through social activities and take some time for fun as a team. Group projects , teamwork , social togetherness also encourage communication and make social relationship.

4.) Self Esteem :- Esteem need is categorized by feeling successful  and recognize one’s accomplishment. Any organization can  Reward their employees by recognise and by appreciation. A 360- degree feedback and Performance Appraisal can help In reward a right employee on right time.

5.) Self actualization needs :- At the top of the pyramid    Self – confidence , challenging work , Promotions , training & development need are arise to advanced their carrier and enhance their skill.

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Dr Manisha Soni

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