“Divorce” a word which changes the whole life of two souls one day who were tied in knot to spend whole life together. It is not just the end of one relationship; it also ends the dreams of both families. When we say marriages are made in heaven then what happen that they end here in such a short span of time.
Divorce does not mean the end of our life, dreams, and happiness. It is a just end of relationship between two souls. It is not always that man is responsible or a woman for this end. Many times its situation also which make it happen. Many reasons like early age marriage, Dowry, less education, causes divorce. We have seen that divorce rate is now very high as compared to early times. What is the reason behind it? Do the people of early age have more patience than the current time or do they think that pati is parmeshwar… No I don’t think so we also have patience and we also respect our better halves. But still it happens. May be both are not made for each other, may be they are happy after separation. We should not blame anyone for this, not family, god and not our self. The thing is whatever happens, it happens for good. We should take it in a positive manner and try to cope up as soon as possible and start living a normal life. Divorced people also have right to live their normal life just like married people do, or singles do. When we get to know that somebody is divorced we change our perception towards them.. Why is it so, It was not even they wanted but it happens. We should let them live normal life and not blame them for this.
End of marriage does not mean end of lives. May be it’s a new beginning.

Author: Karuna Yadav