Otitis media is an infection of middle ear space, behind the tympanic membrane. It often results in fluid accumulation within the middle ear.

Types of otitis media:- there are twp type of otitis media
(1) Acute otitis media:- It is short duration condition in which pain is occur.
(2) Chronic otitis media:- It is long duration condition in which discharge from the ear.
Etiology:- There are many etiological factors the present
• Complication of upper respiratory tract infection i.e common cold, rhinitis, allergy, tonsillitis.
• Measles
• Meningitis
• Fever
• Bacterial infection
• Cold climate change
• Genetic factors
• Change in altitude (Aero plane landing)
• Use of tobacco, smoke , irritants& allergens.
• Excessive mucus secretion & production
Clinical features:-Many sign & symptoms are occur in otitis media
 Ear pain
 Fever (low grade)
 Fullness of ear & drainage from ear
 Hearing impairment
 Nausea & vomiting
 Ottorhea (persistent or intermittent foul smelling)
 Erythematous
 Purulent discharge
 Cholesteotoma (sac filled with degenerated skin & sebaceous material)
Diagnostic investigation:-
a. History collection about past, previous& family history
b. Physical examination about level of discharge & color of discharge
c. Direct visualization of otoscope
d. Audiomatery
e. Weber test
f. Rinne test
g. X-ray
Medical management:-
A. Careful suctioning & cleaning of ear in physician observation.
B. Ear irrigation
C. Administer topical antibiotic drop & powder, E.g. Penicillin , to treat purulent discharge.
D. Administer symptomatic treatment

Surgical management:- Many surgical procedures are perform to treat otitis media.
 Myringotomy:- To make an incision & remove serous fluid , relieve pressure from middle ear.
 Myringoplasty & Tympanoplasty:- IT is a surgical procedure to repair the ear , close perforation & improve hearing.
 Ossiculoplasty:-To reconstruct the middle ear done to restore hearing.
 Mastoidectomy:- To remove cholesteatoma & create a dry & healthy ear.
Key words:-
 Otitis media
 Tympanic membrane
 Ear irrigation
 Hearing impairment
 Ottorhea

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