Now a day’s Cloud Computing is a very cost-effective platform for providing business or consumer IT services over the Internet. However, cloud Computing have some additional risk because necessary services are generally outsourced to a third party providers, who owns the infrastructure and which makes it harder to maintain data security and privacy.

Cloud computing security is the set of IT services and control-based policies designed to stick to regulatory compliance rules and protect information Apart from of the potential gains achieved from the cloud computing, the organizations are slow in accepting it due to security issues and challenges associated with it. Security is one of the major issues which slow down the growth of cloud. Here I introduce a detailed analysis of the cloud computing security issues and challenges focusing on the cloud computing types and the service delivery types.

Cloud computing comes with numerous possibilities and challenges simultaneously. Of the
Challenges, security is considered to be a critical barrier for cloud computing in its path to success. The complex data security challenges in the cloud:
1. The need to protect confidential business, government, or regulatory data
2. Cloud service models with multiple tenants sharing the same infrastructure
3. Data mobility and legal issues relative to government rules
4. Lack of standards about how cloud service providers securely recycle disk space and erase existing data
5. Auditing, reporting, and compliance concerns
6. A new type of insider who does not even work for your company, but may have control and visibility into your data
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Dr. Poonam Sharma