LL.B. (Bachelor of Law) + OORJA [PEP + Specialization in Microsoft Office]

Eligibility : As per university norms a candidate who has taken the Bachelor’s or the Master’s Degree in Arts/Science/Commerce/Medicine/Management/Engineering/Nursing/Agriculture or the Degree of Shastri/Acharya of the Degree of Ayurvedacharya/Ayurveda Brahaspati of this University or any other university recognised for the purpose by the Syndicate with full course prescribed for the degree and secured a minimum of 45% marks (excluding any concessional marks) in the aggregate marks prescribed for the examination for the aforesaid degree shall be eligible for admission to LL.B. First Year Course.
Duration : 3 years
Affiliating Body: University of Rajasthan, Jaipur


Compulsory Papers :
1. General Principles of Contract
2. Specific Contracts
3. Law of Tort and Consumer Protection
4. Family Law (Hindu Law)
5. Family Law (Mohammedan Law)
6. Constitutional Law
7. Legal Language and Legal Writing including General English

Optional Paper : (Any One)
1. Legal and Constitutional History of India
2. Trusts, Equity and Fiduciary Relations
3. Bankruptcy Laws

Practical Paper :
A. Based on Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid, Para-Legal Services
B. Moot Court visit and Moot Court

Compulsory Papers :
1. Jurisprudence
2. Law of Crimes
3. Law Relating to Transfer of Property and Easement
4. Company Law
5. Public International Law and Human Rights
6. Labour Law
7. Administrative Law

Optional Paper : (Any One)
1. Taxation Law
2. Insurance Law
3. Banking Laws including Negotiable Instruments Act

Practical Paper :
A. Based on Professional Ethics, Bar-Banch Relations and Moot Court
B. Moot Court visit and Moot Court

Compulsory Papers :
1. Law of Evidence
2. Law Relating to Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice and Probation of Offenders
3. Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act
4. Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems
5. Land Laws
6. Interpretation of Statues
7. Environmental Law

Optional Paper : (Any One)
1. Criminology and Penology
2. Intellectual Property Law
3. Law and Medicine

Practical Paper :
A. Based on Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing Pre-Trial Preparation, Preparation in Trial Proceeding and Moot Court
B. Moot Court visit and Moot Court

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