Biyani Group of Colleges offers various certificate programs. These programs incorporate workshops, practicals, assignments, influential presentations and movie clippings. Certificate programs are taken by trainers who are experts in their respective fields and all the courses are open for students of all streams. In each academic session, students have an option to opt for any one of the following certificate programs.

Basics Of Dramatics

This certificate programme helps the students to enhance their personality by improving their gestures, expressions, body language, communication skills. The programme consists of exercises based on co-operation & co-ordination, imagination, self discussion, observation and acting with music and tools etc.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Fundamentals of Fashion Designing

Personal grooming is an important aspect of personality these days as an attractive body language is defined by good dressing sense too. The effect of good colours on the body and mind is pleasing, relaxing or exciting. A good dressing sense includes latest colour combinations, fits, necks etc. which are according to the body structure (height, complexion etc.) and occasion. This course consists of knowledge of fabrics, falls & textures, give an introduction of neck lines & prints, lines foundation & geometric forms etc.

Basics Of Martial Arts

Martial art is a Japanese art and in today’s era, learning and developing skills of self protection and self defense is extremely important especially for girls. Hence, this art not only makes the learners strong but also enhances concentration, intellectual capacity, self confidence and physical fitness. It covers techniques, like, Kicks, Blocking and Self Defense.

Basics Of Manual Accounting

A student of commerce knows about accountancy, but this programme gives them an exposure to maintain accounts manually. Though most of the accounting is done on computers today but a student must be aware of manual accounting. It consists of Preparation of Vouchers, Basics of accounting, Preparation of Ledgers & Subsidiary Books etc

Basics Of Retail Management

The course in retail management aims at providing avenues, opportunities and methodology of retail management, the knowledge of which is essential to survive in this giant sector. It covers topics like Customer Service and Selling Skills, Visual Merchandising, Equipment Handling, Retail Security, Crisis Management and SupplyManagement. Many professionals and students take this course because of growth, expansion and specialized techniques used in this sector.

Fundamental of Bioinformatics

This course is designed for those students who wish to develop expertise on specific emerging areas of Bioinformatics. The curriculum is designed as a broad-based learning experience which provides the students an in-depth, latest knowledge about Bioinformatics area as well as the technology used in management and retrieval of pharmaceutical information. The course content comprises of Areas of Bioinformatics, Information Technology for Bioinformatics,  Biological data bases (NCBI, PDB, Uniprot, KEG, NCBI-Genome), Protein/Protein structure prediction (Methods), Linux for Bioinformatics etc.

Memory Enhancement Programme

This programme focuses on the enhancement of concentration, observation and awareness, by using memory enhancing techniques. It helps the students to remember long theories, difficult words, digits, names and faces etc. The trainer focuses on the methods for improving memory, Triangle exercise, Concentration exercise, Phonetic method, tips for good memory, P.M.S. method and Effective study methods etc

Basics Of Graphics Designing

Graphic design is the study and practice of communicating ideas and information through printed, environmental, and digital presentations. People who are creative or have a flair for colours and nature can step ahead in this field by taking this course. It covers intensive modules such as Typography Attribute, Alignment Guideline, Page Layout, Table Creation and Text procedures etc. It also acts as an additional qualification with management, commerce & IT courses.

Public Relations & Advertising

Public Relation includes exposure to the activities of the organization and dealing with external world and media through impressive communication techniques. Advertising includes the promotion of products in the market through print, electronic media, web, banners, workshops, seminars, wall paintings, pamphlets, event activities etc. This module covers new dimensions of Public Relations, Media, Types of Advertisement, Advertising and Mass Communi-cation etc.

French Language

French is a official language in 29 countries across five different continents and the fourth most widely spoken mother tongue in European union. Hence, making it one of the most important language of the world. The knowledge of French can give you an edge if you intent to make your career at the global level. It is considered to be one of the easiest languages to be learn by English speakers. Its Latin roots makes its closer to English. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.


Today’s youth aspires to become electronic & print media journalists. With this motive, this certificate programme covers Reporting & Editing in Print & Electronic Media, Photo Journalism, Film Journalism etc. This course emphasizes on cartoon making and preparing power point presentations. Preparing documentary and writing script for TV & Radio is an essential part of the curriculum of this course.

Certificate Course in Dance

Dance lays emphasis on body movements and rhythm and hence improves personality and physical fitness. It also enhances the level of confidence and relaxes the body keeping one mentally and physically healthy. This course includes basic steps of Indian Dancing (Jumps, Walking, Spinning Hands and Neck Movements), Basic steps of western dance and few steps of Punjabi, Belle and Latin American Dance forms (Salsa, Jive, Bacchante etc.).

Japanese Language

This course is a bright opportunity for those who would like to try their hands at a new language and dip their toes in the oriental world. It aims at providing sufficient knowledge of Japanese language  for working and interacting with Japanese. It is also very helpful for those who would like to learn some quick Japanese before visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation improves concentration and thought processes, strengthens memory and keeps the body calm. It helps us to control temper and eliminate the mental and physical illness, keeping the mind and body fit and healthy. It includes the different postures of Yoga, Surya Namaskar and the different ways of meditation.

Spoken English

We realize the importance of English as an official language in this contemporary corporate era.  In order to enable students to communicate effectively in English, this certificate course focuses mainly on Spoken English, Pronunciation, Usage of Grammar and Vocabulary Enhancement. This is a one-month programme for all the streams. We hope that this endeavour truly synchronizes with our mission of technical education.

Principles and deals of Gita & Gandhism

Looking into the present pensive state of violent affairs and aggression, we have come up with an innovative step of introducing certificate course in the Principles and Ideals of Geeta & Gandhism. Geeta, the sacred text, teaches us to believe in the omnipresent God and the Karmas, whereas the father of the nation always believed in nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts. This course will thus inculcate these values in our students.

Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Management

This programme is designed to cater to the needs of the travel industry in the wake of the phenomenal influx of foreign tourism in India. It not only provides entry level positions for the certificate holders but also employment opportunities to the innovative and confidence candidates. It focuses on the classification of Hotels, Front office, House Keeping, Sales & Marketing, Banqueting etc.

German Language

Learning a new language is always fun and gives you an edge if you intent to work in a multinational company. German is mainly spoken in Central Europe and is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. It is quiet similar to English having Latin roots. Your knowledge of German will bring you closer to the European history. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.