B.Sc. College in Jaipur

Bachelor of Science is one of the popular three-year undergraduate courses among students those students who wish to make a career in science and research generally take admission in this course. If you are also planning to pursue a degree in science stream and searching for the best B.Sc. College in Jaipur, then join Biyani Girls College, one of the top higher educational institutions dedicated to women education. B.Sc. is a basic level course that imparts practical and theoretical knowledge to students in particular subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Physics, etc. Apart from this, B.Sc. specialization is also available in Information Technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Nursing etc. 

Our faculty members at the top B.Sc. College in Jaipur suggests that those students who want to pursue interdisciplinary careers in the future can choose to pursue this course. After acquiring a B.Sc. degree from the college, students develop essential skills such as experimental skills, research skills, scientific skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, logical skills, and observational skills. One of the best parts about this course is that B.Sc. graduates can be employed in various industries including the public and private sectors. As per the preference of the students some major industries that hire these graduates include healthcare, pharmaceutical organizations, laboratories, educational institutions, etc. Apart from taking up a job right after graduation students can also prepare for competitive examinations for various government departments or they can either pursue a postgraduate degree like M.Sc. by choosing a particular specialization.

Being one of the job-oriented academic programs, this course is considered to be perfect for students to kick start their career. At our college, we provide an opportunity to students to pursue a B.Sc course in a variety of subjects as B.Sc.(Maths), B.Sc.(Biology) and B.Sc.(Biotechnology). In B.Sc.(Maths), the subject combination offered includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics while in B.Sc.(Biology), the subject combination offered to students includes Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany.

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Counted among the best B.Sc. college in Jaipur, all our academic programs are supported with OORJA. This is an initiative by the college which includes Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), ITT along with specialization in Microsoft Office. Our academic courses not only focus on practical and theoretical learning but aim for developing the overall personality of students to make them responsible citizens. One of the best parts about the PEP programs is that these are conducted throughout the year to enhance the personality of students. Eminent professionals and speakers from different fields visit the college premises to share their views, opinions, and thoughts. We believe that such an interaction is quite helpful for students as it not only improves the soft skills but also builds personal and professional competence of the students. 

Apart from the regular academic courses, the college also offers several certificate programs that develop the skills of the students in various other fields. Students can participate in these certificate programs through workshops, seminars, assignments, that are conducted by the college, etc. Some of these programs include Dramatics, Fashion Designing, Manual Accounting, Graphic Designing, Retail Management, French, German and Japanese Language, Journalism, Spoken English, and Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Management, etc. In addition to this, the college has all modern infrastructure including hostel, huge cafeteria, and auditorium, gymnasium, along with transportation facility to and from the college.

Studying B.Sc. course at the best B.Sc. College in Jaipur offers an ocean of opportunities to the students as they not only gain essential knowledge about the course but also get a chance to enhance their personality with various personality development programs. Quality placement facilities allow students to compete for various job positions in renowned multinational companies. This lays the foundation for a bright and prosperous future of the students. Apart from this, we regularly organize industrial visits and field trips for the students as we consider it an important part of the learning journey. Such visits supplement the classroom learning with practical experience of the real-world problems that arise at the time of actual working.