Communication is the sum of all things that one person does, when he wants to create understanding in the mind of others. It is a transfer of facts, thoughts, emotions and information between two or more than two people. It can be said as an exchange which is successfully only in the case of mutual understanding . it is a dynamic process in which man consciously or unconsciously affects another person in a symbolic way. It involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding.
Communication is:-
1. A process through which individuals mutually exchange their ideas, values, thoughts and feelings with one or more people.
2. It is the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver so that it is understood in the right context.
3. It is the means of making the transfer of information productive and goal oriented
4. It is the process of sharing information, ideas and attitude between individuals.
Communication is said to be effective when the receiver receives the message in a manner in which the sender sends it. When the receiver is able to understand the emotions and meaning of the message it will be effective in nature. The following points should be kept in mind for effective communication:-
1. Communication should be done in a proper manner.
2. It should be able to affect the thoughts of the receiver.
3. It is carried in an organized manner.
4. It should be flexible in nature
5. It should be suitable according to the environment.
6. It should from a common source and in uniformity.

Author: Kapil Kasliwal