Hey there, I hope you are doing good. Generally, every one of you knows the importance of chemicals. But, are you aware of the ‘Chemical effects’?

Firstly, you’re gonna read about ‘what is a chemical’. Secondly, you’ll read about the chemical effects on the environment, food, and health. Lastly, you’ll get to know about ‘how to protect from chemical effects’.

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What is a Chemical?

 A chemical is any substance that has a defined composition. In other words, a chemical is always made up of the same “stuff.” Some chemicals occur in nature, such as water. Other chemicals are manufactured, such as chlorine (used for bleaching fabrics or in swimming pools). Chemicals are all around you: the food you eat, the clothes you wear. You, in fact, are made up of a wide variety of chemicals.

Today we all are surrounded by chemicals. While chemicals make our lives easier and happier, they put a strain on the environment and living things.

Chemical effects on the environment

 Chemical Pollution is caused due to the increase in chemical pollutants that are not naturally occurring. Most of them are artificially prepared. They are organic or inorganic chemicals that are the main cause of chemical pollution that is a source of concern for our society.

They result from a variety of human activities, including pesticides, herbicides, various solvents, food colours, and the manufacture, handling, storage, and decomposition of chemicals.

Chemical effects on food

Food colour is also a prominent reason for chemical pollution. To date, many laboratory studies have shown that changing the colour of food and drink can have a dramatic impact on people.

Food colouring attracts people, but they forget that it is indirectly harmful to them and can affect their health. They act locally on certain organs and can cause systemic effects. Certain contaminants can have carcinogenic, teratogenic, or mutagenic effects.

chemical effects on health

Chemical effects on health

We have discussed Cosmetic health concerns many times in recent years. As the demand for these products continues to grow, the need for relevant compositional studies becomes a top priority. Few studies have found that some common cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the skin in many ways.

Moreover, We can find Chemicals in almost every product and play a significant role in peoples’ daily lives all around the world.

Such products preserve crops and enhance harvests, as well as prevent and cure disease and give a slew of other benefits that make people’s lives easier.

On the other hand, we must carefully handle Chemicals to avoid endangering human health and the environment.

Since the 1970s, the OECD has worked with governments and businesses to improve chemical and biosafety, as well as to harmonise approaches to their evaluation and management in order to save both government and industry resources.

Due to the mentioned negative effects, we should reduce the use of chemicals. Instead of using chemicals, especially artificial chemicals, we should use natural chemicals or should try to replace their use with other safe ways.

How to protect yourself from chemicals effects

 You can take steps to protect yourself and your family from chemical risks. Read and follow all instructions when using household chemicals.

  • If you do not know the contents of the label, please contact the manufacturer. Some household chemicals can be released into the room air. So, open windows to ventilate during and after the use of certain household chemicals.
  • However, during periods of heavy outdoor air pollution, you should take steps to reduce the amount of air entering your home from the outside.
  • Close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Keep all household chemicals out of the sight and reach of children and animals. Make sure the child resistance container latch works.
  • Refer to the Air Quality Health Index and consider adapting outdoor activities when air quality is poor, especially if you have heart or respiratory problems.

Therefore, in this world of advancement, it is impossible to live without chemicals. Careful use of chemicals could become a blessing for all of us.

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Blog by:

Dr. Mukta Jain

(Department of Science)

Biyani Group of Colleges