Biotechnology: it is multi-disciplinary grassland which has immense connection of natural science and technology that focus on create innovative inventions to get better life and build day-to-daylight hours living easier and enhanced. All organisms’ crossing begins with the interchange of genetic material which sits submissively surrounded by the nucleus of the cell, enwrapping brilliantly within itself the in series of precise architecture of the human being body. An entire novel organism is created surrounding all the principles of physics, chemistry, fluid dynamics, thoughts of mechanical engineering and electronics. Biotechnology is wherever you have enjoyable with complexity of living by playing with the implicated lanes at the microscopic level. The central part biotechnology cannot be seen with the naked eyes; which for that reason create avenues to build a paradise in the region of the central doctrine of life! At this time I got introduce to ‘Biotechnology’ which has open novel vistas for mounting drugs and remedy for genetic disarrays. Biotechnologies involve researches mechanical by the aspiration of human to discover solution to new-fangled or previous problems. So candidate who have this variety of skill set and self-motivation to do belongings which build human being life easier than this, believe us, it is the accurate field for you. You can develop in the grassland of Biotechnology science with point in time. Biotechnology is a current and interdisciplinary subdivision of science which is very popular surrounded by young people.

Student after affecting their degrees in this grassland can opt for a variety of areas of research, industry as well as academics. Even following simple graduation, they can be placed for the position that fills the hole between researches and promote. Students who want to go for extra study such as M.Tech, M.Sc. and Ph.D. are also support by various governments and private scholarship financial support scheme. At a distance from that, there are various govt. supports such as BIRAC, which chains entrepreneurship from research institutes, academics, and startups. The candidate with the accurate ability of Biotechnology can create their own business; they can generate a creation for community welfare with their inventive thoughts and can be a “HERO OF THE NATION”. It does not submit to a definite manufacturing or job as applications of Biotechnology are huge and it paves the way to a variety of industrial sectors or still pursues career opportunity in scientific or administrative sectors. At this point are the dissimilar job sectors for a career in Biotechnology: Waste Management, Agricultural Sciences, Drug and pharmaceutical research, Bio-processing industries, Environment Control and Public funded laboratories, Energy Management, Food Processing and Dairy Technology Animal husbandry, Fermentation Industry. As a biotech professional, you will have right of entry to a boundless collection of careers, with option range from: Biomedical Engineer, Microbiologist, Biochemist, and Medical scientist, Clinical Technician, Process Development Scientist, Biomanufacturing Specialists, Epidemiologist, Food scientist and many more. Students can also stumble on good opportunities in the following industries: Crop Production Units, Bio Fertilizer industry, Marine Biotechnology Units, Aquaculture Industry, Chemical Industries, Bioinformatics Sector, Food Processing Industries and numerous extra. Students have also bagged marvelous placements in Covidien, Life cell International, Space Group, Infosys (Biotech Division), Imperial Life Sciences, Link Biotech, TCS (Biotech Division), Sagacious Research, Panacea Biotech, Agilent Technologies and various additional. This reflects its significance from economics and career position of vision. Widespread application balancing with increasing command and value is the Key achievement of Biotechnology. Consider me it’s only an opening! The most recent century was period of digital revolution and the coming era is the Era of biotechnology.

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 Blog By:-  Dr. Shilpa Bhargava

Department of Science

Biyani Girls College, Jaipur.