Hello there, I hope you’re doing well. We all have drawn or may have tried to draw sketches in our school time. But, people who practiced sketching, improve their skills in this Art. Moreover, In this blog, we are gonna talk about the ‘7 benefits of sketching’.

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1. Enhanced Creativity

Because of imagination in this world, each and every person are creative in any one art. Imaginative skills play a major role in the overall development of the brain in human life. Involving oneself in some creative work quickly releases stress, and calms the temper. These activities are suggested for teenagers to ensure enough brain development.

2. Visual Learning

Sketching can also help you develop your communication skills. Because there are no words in a drawing, well, most of the time, the artist finds other ways to communicate with the audience. Present-day toddlers as young as two years of age now know how to operate a Smartphone. This means that kids grasp visual information more quickly and easily.

Children gain knowledge a lot more from visual sources rather than through texts and numbers. Artistic tricks like drawing or sculpting with clay are all known to develop visual-spatial skills and teach students to interpret, evaluate, criticize and use visual information.

3. Better Memory

According to the study, drawing strengthens memory by perfectly integrating visual, semantic, and motor aspects of the memory trace. This in itself is one of the great psychological benefits of sketching.

Drawing is a perfect way to express inner emotions and feelings without words. One can easily overcome shyness and bump up self-confidence. It has been seen that people who are involved in a creative activity have better consciousness as compared to the ones who don’t. Those people who create anything his memory improves with time.

4. Optimistic Emotion

The mind and body work harmoniously when you feel good about yourself, thus: make every effort that can augment your mental health. Having self-confidence is a vital part of remaining positive in every phase of life.

benefits of sketching

5. Art Makes Us Happier

A growing body of researchers underscores that there is a positive connection between the creative process of making art and our personal happiness. Even more recent research by Semir Zeki, University of London, suggested an increase in dopamine and activity in the frontal cortex of our brain on viewing art.

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6. Stress Buster

Sketching is more powerful for the brain. Believe me, there is nothing more relaxing than sketching. It’s like exercise which keeps your mind and soul fit and active. The benefits of daily sketching are that it helps your right brain to imagine more.

Likewise, it also improves your creative hand I believe that sketching or creating something like landscape drawing, portrait, sculpture, illustrations, mandala, doodling, etc. is always the biggest stress buster.

7. Release Hidden Emotion

Some people do not express their emotions in words but if we give them a canvas, they express their feeling and emotion in a better way. Knowing these benefits, it isn’t surprising to know that painting and drawing are highly suggested for an individual’s recuperation from painful events such as war and abuse.

In fact, many therapists include these activities in the schedules of their patients. They would boost up their patients to release their feelings in the way of drawing and sketching.

Blog by:- Pooja Ma’am

Department of Fashion Design

Biyani Group of Colleges

Thank you for reading ‘7 benefits of sketching’. I hope you’ve learned something new today. Kindly, share this with ‘Sketching Lovers’. Keep reading & keep sharing.