It is very annoying to hear people when they say to people just “be yourself”. I want to raise a question about this statement. If it is so easy to be yourself then why do we have to follow the standard norms established by the society. It is so diplomatic to hear as well as to see that a “Human” who is advising you to be yourself and at the same time, this same individual, putting pressure on others to look around you and then action as per your surrounding.

I have observed this, those people who have achieved prosperity in their life in  what – so – ever field they very easily say “be yourself” while giving their interviews. I truly have this desire in me that one day i want to stand in front of them and want to ask, How can I be myself when every other is putting pressure on me to walk on the parameters of society? Haven’t you ever had pressure on you?

Well I don’t know when I will get such opportunity to ask them about this. But I have learned it as well as experienced it that just by saying Be Yourself, Be Yourself, …….  enough of this. Now it is the time to “Better Yourself”. Yes, while being better yourself you will replenish yourself just like the soil does for the crop cultivation as per the season. So what are you right now, at this point of your life analysis it, note it and start evaluate it, before others start doing evaluation of it without your consent.

This modern time demands “Better and Best” of a Human not just “Be Yourself”.

Blog By :-

Ms. Gunjan Agarwal

Assistant Professor

Department of Social Science

Biyani Group of Colleges