I know who I Am
I found my peace within
I don’t define myself
In the confines of my skin
I don’t let my worth be judged
By the limits of your mind
I don’t compare myself to anyone,
For my truth only I can find
I don’t hold on to something
Unless it’s worth fighting for
I always strive to do good
Wishing I could do more
I would never want to blend in
Or live in somebody else’s lie
‘Cause we only have one short life
Unlike the stars in the night sky
And I will admit up to a fault
I can’t help myself but be proud
That I never let society stop me
That to broken hearts I never bowed
I never got held up for someone
Who was not worth holding on to
And as soon as I realized that
I simply let go and flew
Because I knew , know and always will
Who I was, am and will be
And though I can’t be others in this world I am the only one who can be me.
The next time you will see the shooting star, you will be wishing for another dream to come true,
And it’s because the universe already heard you, and above all, its because you chose to pursue it and continue………………………
Dream after dream ,Life never stops!

Blog Written by,
Rashmi Khandelwal
Assistant Professor (Biyani Girls College,Jaipur)
Department of Science ( Zoology)