The glamour. The fame. The art of creative details. Becoming a fashion designer promise all this and more. Fashion designing is one of the most attractive and hugely popular career options for students after completing their 12th, Graduation, with graduation and post graduation like add on Skill Course due to attractive salary packages and fame. As per a recent report, India’s fashion industry is growing at a whopping pace of 70% every year and it will keep on increasing. These stats clearly show that fashion designing offers extensive career opportunities for young enthusiasts. Fashion design frequently use creative techniques to achieve the exclusivity and luxurious edge over the industrial techniques. Fashion Designing Distance Learning course and Distance Education covers the study of a number of the specialized fields within the space of fashion styles like garment designing; textile study; illustration; CAD ; Photoshop; Illustrator.

A key aspect of coping with Covid-19 is to ensure that education services are being delivered to whatever extent possible so that students can simply plug in at homes now and afterwards. By using the latest advancements in communication technology, online. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of Distance learning and E-Learning, whereby teaching and studying is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. India is going to witness a 50% increase in students over the next 15 years and although it has many universities and colleges, only few have the facilities to match this surge of students in the future. Online education is a logical solution to accommodate this problem. The government of India, for the first time, is allowing Indian universities and colleges to offer online degrees which previously were limited to foreign universities. Now, to encourage and widen the access to higher education, this restriction has been lifted from 20% to offer 100% courses online.

Biyani Group of Colleges introduced GURUKPO PLUS App for Distance or online learning study, which allows students to study at home through excellent content quality by our highly qualified team of academic persons, video lectures-test and regular online classes. Review meetings, parent-teacher meetings, subject conferences will be location agnostic. It is possible that in times to come, a student may be allowed to carry out courses from any College/ University based on quality of teacher and fees for the course irrespective of his location and finally will get degree from the home university where he / she got registered or from the university where he has taken maximum courses, resulting in a balance of economics of good education.

Aim of this Programme is to provide the student with an opportunity to achieve the highest creative, personal and professional accomplishment in the Creative & Design field. Biyani Group of Colleges is a group of educational institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The Best Girl’s College working for the Women empowerment and Women’s Education. Counselling cell of the college also provide proper Career Counselling.

In the field of Fashion Designing

  • The three years degree course,
  • Two years advance diploma course,
  • Diploma course and
  • Certificate course

Offered at Biyani Girls College, Biyani Institute of skill development and on GURUKPO PLUS App with proper contents. The students learn the technology of illustration, digital designing, pattern making, draping and garment construction along with developing the understanding of materials and traditional skills of surface ornamentation. The concepts of art, craft and design, digital tools, and study of the domain of crafts further augment the learning to enable the students to become confident in dealing with the challenging and dynamic world of fashion. Teaching and learning is hands on having frequent interaction with artisans and field work to build deeper knowledge of design. The interdisciplinary learning at Biyani Institute of skill development allows versatility and innovation. Design thinking, marketing, sustainability, professional ethics are emphasized to develop professionals who are adept at traditional and contemporary; western and Indian, making the course one of its kind.

Career Prospects

  • To be employed as fashion designers with design houses
  • To work as designers or merchandisers with exporters
  • To work as designers or merchandisers in large retail companies
  • To work with NGOs as designers, facilitators, fashion blogger
  • To work as freelance designers
  • To work as entrepreneurs

Ms. Ritu Sharma Soni

(Department of Fashion Designing)