The makers are the autotrophic components—mostly green plants. They utilize brilliant vitality of sun in photosynthetic process whereby carbon dioxide is absorbed and the light vitality is changed over into substance vitality. The concoction vitality is really secured up in the vitality rich carbon mixes. Oxygen is developed as result in the photosynthesis.
This is utilized as a part of breath by every single living thing. Green growth and different hydrophytes of a lake, grasses of the field, trees of the woods are cases of makers. Chemosynthetic microscopic organisms and carotenoid bearing purple microorganisms that likewise absorb CO2 with the vitality of daylight yet just within the sight of natural mixes additionally have a place with this class.
The term maker is deluding one in light of the fact that in a vitality setting, makers create starch and not vitality. Since they change over or transduce the brilliant vitality into synthetic frame, E.J. Kormondy recommends better option terms “converters” or ‘transducers’. On account of wide utilize the term maker is as yet held.
Those living individuals from environment which expend the sustenance incorporated by makers are called buyers. Under this class are incorporated a wide range of creatures that are found in a biological community. There are distinctive classes or classifications of purchasers, for example,
(a) Consumers of the main request or essential shoppers,
(b) Consumers of the second request or auxiliary customers,
(c) Consumers of the third request or tertiary shoppers, and
(d) Parasites, scroungers and saprobes.


Author: Ms. Kanchan Sharma